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From sailing on the Atlantic to shopping at the mall, the News 12 Long Island video library features a treasure trove of sought-after material that FILM Archives Inc. licenses for use in corporate videos, commercials, EPKs, television shows, documentaries, web videos, and internet presentations. Recent News 12 video users include LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON, THE DAILY SHOW, MTV, LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL, THE WEATHER CHANNEL, and many others.

‘Highly Versatile and Accessible News Source’
"In News 12 clients find a highly versatile and accessible source for daily news and lifestyle video," said FILM Archives president Mark Trost. And unlike news libraries "whose staff has never viewed much of the material, our researchers have personally screened the footage and can give clients precise descriptions." Requested shots can be delivered to the customer's office or editing suite instamtly via the web, he added.

News 12 currently has over 10,000 hours of contemporary video. Airing since December 15, 1986, the archive includes more than 20,000 stories. As many as 120 new stories (six hours) are added each week. Besides documenting every major news story, the library captures the gamut of contemporary life often missing from national collections.

"News 12 is a unique resource for lifestyle footage and local events that simply can't be obtained from other collections," Trost said. "You've got people shopping at the mall, kids playing soccer in the park, people doing their last-minute taxes at the Post Office, and of course, those perennially popular July 4th backyard barbecues and parades down Main Street."

News 12's most requested material reflects stories the news service broke first: The devastation of Superstorm Sandy; the mysterious events on Plum Island; the enduring Amy Fisher/Joey Buttafuoco saga; the LIRR gunman attack and trial; the crash of TWA Flight 800, and the story of accused parent killer Martin Tankleff.

FILM Archives maintains all News 12 Long Island video at its Manhattan offices. The company meticulously indexes each shot, topic and story covered by the cable channel, enabling researchers to quickly determine availability of desired material. If the requested topic is available, clients can receive a same-day web video of the footage. Visit Cablevision for more information about News 12 Long Island, or find News 12 clips from our library using the search box on this page.