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The Hindenberg, Elvis, Mad Scientists. WW II, Marilyn, Vampires. Great Depression, JFK, Rocket Ships. The Fifties, Hitler, Pie fights.

If a person (real or imaginary), place (on Earth or in the heavens) or thing (animal, vegetable or monster) ever was placed before the cameras, FILM Archives has the image. In glorious black and white or color, our wide ranging collections of silent comedies, feature films, newsreels, industrials, educationals, government films, cartoons, TV shows and commercials offer a century of images that made the world laugh and cry; think and fear; hope and dream.

Search the FILM Archives online database using the keywords or phrases that best describe what you're looking for. Please note that we constantly update our collections. If you don't see or can't find exactly what you need in the database, just ask -- call or email us with your special requests. We're here to help!